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NANOPATCH X is a tiny patch bay with the primary function of connecting to guitar pedals and other effects processors. It can be used in conjunction with NANOPATCH M or standalone, for a variety of purposes.

It also works with CV, so can be used as a breakout box for semi-modular synths with outputs in hard-to-reach places (e.g. Moog Grandmother) and devices that output CV over TRS sockets (e.g. MPC ONE).

Dimensions: 76 mm x 70 mm x 22 mm (not including sockets and feet)

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NANOPATCH X pedal.jpg

How It Works

Each 1/4" TRS socket on the back corresponds to two mono TS mini jacks on the top panel.


By using insert cables (TRS to dual TS), connect up to four pedals to a single NANOPATCH X.

The inputs and outputs of the pedals are then easily accessible via the top panel, using standard eurorack or TRS cables.

Patching can be done directly from instrument to mixer or via a NANOPATCH M.

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