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MINIBAY V2 is a compact 40-point audio/CV patch bay, designed to integrate neatly into a studio desktop space. It utilises 1/4” stereo sockets to connect with external gear and 1/8” mono (Eurorack) sockets for routing signals. It also features two built-in passive mixers with dedicated patch-points located on the main panel and normalling switches for A/B pair.

Dimensions: 234 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm (not including sockets and feet)

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While the ins and outs can be configured to suit your needs, the general idea is to have instruments on Row A, mixer channels on Row B, and effects hooked into the FX rows.

Reach up to the effects; reach down to the mixer.



MINIBAY can be neatly positioned next to a mixer (or just about anywhere) for quick and easy access and reference while working.
Patch-points are spaced to allow for comfortable grip and leverage when handling cables (even for fat fingers :)

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Connecting to Gear

Insert Cables

In most cases, connections to instruments, effects and the mixer are made with standard insert cables (1xTRS to 2xTS).
This system allows two mono connections for each 1/4″ socket on the back panel, and is how MINIBAY is able to pack so much for its size.

Insert1 (1).jpg

TRS Cables

TRS cables can be used to make stereo or balanced connections. When this is done, each channel or polarity is patched separately on the front panel.

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Rows A and B

For Rows A and B, each 1/4" socket on the back panel is wired to two adjacent 1/8" sockets on the main panel.


FX Rows

Each 1/4" FX socket on the back panel is wired to the two corresponding 1/8" FX sockets on the main panel. One insert cable can therefore be used to connect to the input and output on an effects unit (or two cables for a stereo unit).

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MINIBAY Front Back Connections
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V2 Top Detail.jpg

Connections between patch points on Rows A and B can be individually normalled using the dip switches located on the main PCB. On MINIBAY V2, simply remove two screws on the top panel to access these.


A normalled connection is one where the signal flows without the need for patch cables. In a fully normalled connection (as used in MINIBAY), the connection is broken if a cable is inserted at any point in the signal flow.

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How is V2 different from the OG?

  • Normalling switches accessible via the top panel

  • Solder points added on main PCB for modifying mixer circuits

  • Clearer labeling on back panel

  • Different positioning of rear sockets (no big deal)

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