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NANO E is a small but robust expression slider suitable for modular, semi-modular, and any synthesiser or pedal with an expression pedal input.

How It Works

Expression Slider Modular.jpg

Modular and Semi-modular

To use NANO E with a modular or semi-modular system, connect a CV source to the IN/OUT socket and the OUT socket to the CV destination.

A steady voltage is usually desirable as the CV source, so pitch CV works well for this. Alternatively, you can get the voltage from a standard 9V center-negative guitar pedal power supply by using a Truetone C35 converter.

Expression Pedal

To connect NANO E to the expression pedal port on a regular synthesizer, simply use a 1/8” TRS to 1/4” TRS cable with the small end plugged into the socket market IN/OUT.

Note that the expression pedal ports on some synthesizers use the reverse polarity to the common standard for which NANO E is designed. In such cases, an RCA to TRS adapter and cable can be used to switch the polarity for normal operation.

Alpha Juno Expression Slider.jpg
NANO E 5.jpg

Slider Replacement

The slider on NANO E can be easily replaced, if necessary.

One spare B100K slider and premium dust cover are included, along with a tool to complete the simple job.

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